Interim Pastor Paul “Tap” Ware and his wife Marion

Here’s a little bit about Tap:

I was a drug baby; my parents drugged me to church every Sunday and occasional Fridays and Saturdays. At the age of 7, I got born again and filled with the Holy Ghost.  And by the way, every Wednesday night was prayer at home. Yay!!!!!  Well not really… Being over-churched made me very annoyed with going to church.  So I did what any rebellious teen would do; I rebelled! I started hanging out with people who I believe accepted me for me. A lot of these people were into drugs and so I followed suit and started using. By the age of 18, I was smoking weed just about every day and popping pills.  On March 16, 2006, I had an encounter with God that changed my life completely. I died, don’t know if it was caused by an overdose or not, but one thing’s for sure, I was dead. I stood before God, surrounded by thick darkness (outer darkness). He spoke to me about me about my life on earth and asked me if I would change. After much persuasion (not really just literally scaring all the Hell out of me) I submitted my existence to Him. Instantly my heart was changed and I began to peruse a deeper relationship with God. I had no withdraws from all the years of drug abuse. The following years were full of my friends and family being impacted by what God was doing through my life. I started preaching and sharing my faith with complete strangers and watched God draw a lot of hearts unto salvation. When I attended college at Kent Trumbull, I started a campus ministry called AMP (A Movement of Power). It was there I began to minister in and out of our group meetings to fellow students on the campus. It was also the place where I knew without a doubt this is the reason God created me. It was like putting on your favorite pair of jeans and knowing they were made for you and design for you, the perfect fit. We would discuss the Bible and teach what God says and how to apply it in our everyday lives. It was crazy to see how hungry people were to hear and experience God’s love. After I left college, I started a group meeting in the house, where a lot of Ex-Amish started attending. They were all new believers, so my wife and I started to pour into them, it was awesome. I was also involved in a Celebrate Recovery group as a co-leader. We led this group for 2 years, and it became a meeting place for different ministries to come in and teach.

I am 31 years old now but, over the past 10 years, I was prophesied over many times by pastors, prophets and evangelist and they all said, that I would do some pretty crazy things for the Kingdom Of God.  It was also said, God would get a lot of glory from my life.  They also prophesied that I would eventually become a pastor. I had no idea how or when this would happen. I believe that if this is what God wants for my life then He will bring it to pass in His time.  I didn’t come to this conclusion immediately; it took time for me to trust in His ability to perform His Word.  I believe God has called me to impart all the things He has poured into me into others.  I really enjoy watching people fall in love with God and living in their Identity and functioning in their purpose.

Here’s a little bit about Marion:

I grew up Amish, a hostage in religion.  I got radically born again and then started passionately sharing my faith in Jesus with everyone.  Afterwards I was excommunicated from the Amish churches, and all my family and friends, which put me on a path to pursue an even deeper relationship with God.  But through the power of prayer, all things are possible through God.  My whole family got born again.  We began to hold meetings at my parent’s shop next to the house.  We focused in on Celebrate Recovery and had meetings with various ministries.  After me and Tap got married, we started weekly Bible studies in our house.  I have known for many years that God has called me to be a pastor’s wife. I did not seek after it, but I trusted God to bring it to pass in his timing. It has been confirmed by a number of men and women in ministry who have prophesied over my husband and me. I believe God has called me to minister, teach, encourage and intercede for people.  I really enjoy making disciples.


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